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News of 2016-12-20
Smoke-water Heat recovery systems

Combined heat and power plants (CHP) contain an biogas electric generator on which it is advisable to install a smoke-water heat recovery system.

The objective is to recover the heat of the high temperature smokes expelled that they are typically in the order of 500°C.

In general the system involves the removal from the emission chimney of smokes and their reintroduction after heat exchange.

For maximum results in terms of performance equipment must be dimensioned in a precise manner the equipment so that you get the maximum yield in terms of heat exchange.

And is therefore necessary to consider several variables in the design as the water requirements and the characteristics of the expelled fumes object of the heat recovery, achieved by a gas analysis that gives the following parameters:

  • gas temperature
  • absolute humidity
  • oxygen (o2)
  • flow dry
  • particulate matter
  • hydrochloric acid
  • sov non-methane
  • nitrogen oxides (NO2)
  • sulfur oxides (SO2)
  • carbon monoxide (CO)

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smoke-water heat recovery system for chp plants