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News of 2013-06-19
The cost of a heat recovery efficiency is a function of several variables

The heat regenerators are more and more indispensable to the process equipment: energy costs are getting higher and be able to recover heat from a fluid already treated or even from exhaust smoke from a chimney means being able to reduce the production costs.

In this the final price of the equipment for the recovery of heat must be assessed in terms of energy savings that will achieve long-term

The price of heat recovery systems is, however, a function of various parameters such as:

  • the materials used for the construction
  • the overall size of the apparatus
  • the expected return
  • the physical characteristics of the fluids used for heat exchange;
  • the operating conditions in which the equipment will operate (temperature, pressure, pH)

The designer, on the basis of this basic information, may in this way provide a cost for the heat? recovery unitsvery precise and compute also the costs for its installation and possibly also for maintenance.

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