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News of 2013-05-03
Heat exchangers for energy saving
Coster Sas designs and manufactures high-efficiency heat recovery systems that reduce the need for heating and cooling of the industrial process, making it more sustainable.

The equipment for industrial heat recovery made by Coster offer energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

At the center of each system of heat recovery, there are different types of heat exchanger: these allow the reuse of heat resulting from any industrial process, energy that would otherwise be dispersed.

The heating, cooling, the use of furnaces and combustion: are several industrial operations which may be applied the principle of recovery of heat that can be fed back into the system or that can provide useful heat for other purposes.

A practical example: in civil heating the hot air is extracted from the buildings to ensure a healthy parts and then is dispersed into the environment, but first will ensure the recovery of the thermal energy that is conveyed in such a manner that it can preheat the air cold water supply.

In this way the boiler must provide less heat and therefore less energy to the air inlet.

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