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News of 2013-05-23
Recover heat from the exhaust air

In a global context which sees energy costs constantly increasing, industries must equip themselves with process equipment to minimize the consumption of fuels (coal, gas, oil).

In many industrial processes (including air conditioning) the issue of hot exhaust air can be exploited for energy through heat recovery.

The heat recovery from exhaust air is realized by heat exchangers called heat recovery systems in which the hotter fluid transfers heat to the colder without mixing.

In this case the cold fluid undergoes a temperature rise and to be brought to the final temperature will require less heat.

Coster offers various technological solutions for heat exchange air/air such as:

  • smooth tube heat exchangers
  • finned-tube heat exchangers
  • Welded plate heat exchangers.

Industrial equipment for heat recovery from the exhaust air Coster allow you to make significant energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions and the cost of their installation can pay for itself in a short time

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