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News of 2013-06-19
Recover heat from industrial fumes

The heat? recovery systemsare devices that allow, thanks to the heat exchange, to achieve energy savings also remarkable.

The heat recovery units differ in type of construction, one of the most common within the process plant is definitely the cross-flow heat exchanger, so called because the fluids exchanging heat in a manner perpendicular to one another.

The benefits of cross-flow heat recovery units are:

  • provide ease of cleaning the flue gas side (if you are used to recover heat in the chimney);
  • also allow the use of large diameter pipes (which increases the heating surface)
  • can be realized in iron stainless steel
  • provide efficiencies up to 55%
  • limited to the minimum load losses.

The cross-flow heat recovery systems can extract heat from the flue gas with an efficiency that can exceed 55%.

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