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News of 2013-07-18
Heat recovery units for dryers
Dryers are used in various industrial sectors (textile, stationery, wood, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.) to remove water from the product.

To do this, it is mainly used for heating air with radiant batteries powered by hot water, steam and high temperature diathermic oil.

 The hot air circulating inside the drier in turn becomes damp and is then ejected and reintegrated by air taken from the outside of the machine.

However a good part of the heat (sensitive and latent) contained by the expelled air can be recovered thanks to the heat recovery and transferred to the air of renewal.

It is possible to perform a thermal exchange without the two fluids (hot exhaust air and renewal air) touched.

Heat dryers for dryers can be of different types depending on the operating pressures and the characteristics of the air from which to recover the heat (humidity, pressure).

Coster Carpentry Coster designs and manufactures high efficiency heat recovery for dryers and radiant batteries compliant with PED, UNI, ISPESL

COSTER SAS - heat recovery and heat exchangers