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News of 2012-05-14
Intermediate fluid in the industrial process
Intermediate fluid heat exchangers are heat exchange equipment designed to obtain certain energy performance. They are used on industrial installations where it is possible to recover heat from fumes coming from a combustion process or an exothermic chemical reaction.

In recoverers, recovered heat is transferred to another fluid that we call intermediate: between the smoke and the intermediate fluid there is physical separation through a surface that allows heat exchange.

 The intermediate fluid thus produced circulates in a closed circuit connected with user equipment even remotely from the point of installation of the recuperator.

With this system it is possible to recover sensitive heat, that is temperature, and latent heat, contained in the humidity of the fumes.

Reconstructors so constructed assume the name of enthalpy or condensation recuperators, intermediate fluid.

These particular heat exchangers allow for greater energy savings than those that recover only sensitive heat as they utilize the latent heat of the vapor, contained in the form of air humidity or fumes.