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News of 2013-03-14
Increase the energy efficiency of facilities for the production of energy

In the production of electricity is essential because of the high cost of fossil fuels (fuel oil, natural gas, coal) to maximize the yield of the plants.

This need is also felt in the cogenerators which burn waste as energy efficiency allows to reduce the time for plant depreciation.

The implants described herein disperse the hot fumes into the atmosphere at the end of combustion, during which the calorific value is exploited to generate steam or hot water but the temperature of these fumes is still high and is still possible to obtain heat for use in the process.

The heat recovery equipment for thermal power plants and cogeneration plants can increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

The heat? recovery systems can also be used in thermal power stations in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, textile and steel industries with clear economic benefits: the investment for the installation will be repaid by the energy savings achieved.

Companies certified ISO 14001 can reduce their enviromental impact by installing the heat recovery units.

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