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News of 2013-04-10
Title Recover heat from flue gas waste
In several industrial processes air is used and this air after use, can be ejected or can be recycled if it is constituted by hot smoke from which it is possible to recover heat.

It 's a process used in many industrial and contributes to several advantages in terms of energy savings.

Industrial plants for the air treatment predict that air inside them is conveyed and here by heat exchanger give its heat at anoter fluid (air or water) which then reaches a certain temperature without the need for additional energy expenditure.

The air handling units are made are devices whic allow the system as a whole to reduce the energy expenditure: the cost for the installation of plants for the treatment air is able to pay for itself in a reasonable time by saving energy which allow to reach.

Coster sas is a italian company specializing in heating technology equipment for heat recovery from industrial fumes and is ISO 9002 certified.

COSTER SAS - designing and manufacturing heat recovery systems - by May 1, 5 20066 Melzo (MI) Italy ph+39 +39-029573750